St Mary’s and Harrow Foodbank

Our St Mary’s Bringa Pinta Milk to Church initiative has been a great success. One mid-September weekly collection from St Mary’s came to over 31kg! Stocks of full cream milk are now at a good level. Please do continue to buy occasional cartons of long life full cream milk for the Foodbank, but the urgent need has been satisfied.

You might like to note that more Foodbank collections are scheduled at Sainsbury South Harrow for Friday 18th October, Waitrose South Harrow, one for the 15th November at Waitrose South Harrow, and one for the weekend of 7th/8th December also at Waitrose South Harrow. Anything you buy and donate then will be topped up by a cash donation from the supermarket, so if that’s your usual supermarket, then it’s a very effective way to support the Foodbank. We collected nearly a ton of food from the last collection. Supermarket collection dates will also be on the calendar for this blog.

But impressive though the supermarket collections may be, they are only occasional. There’s no substitute for regular weekly collections such as the one at St Mary’s, especially as we can and do respond quickly to any shortages.
For October and November, the Foodbank staff are aware that families in crisis need warm nourishing meals to feed to growing children. So the St Mary’s autumn initiative is focusing on tinned meat or meat meals, and packet soups, both of which are in short supply at the Foodbank warehouse.

I know that tinned meat can be expensive, but we’d rather have a few tins of stew, or chicken in white sauce, or minced beef and onions than lots of tins of beans! Tinned ham, corned beef, spam, hot dogs and similar are also very welcome. If you can find ring-pull tins, so much the better. Some of our clients don’t have a tin opener!

The Harrow Foodbank is also branching out to supply street pastors. They carry small food items and disposable cutlery to enable rough sleepers to have a simple meal to help them through the night. A favourite is a jar of meat paste and a packet of savoury crackers. So our second autumn initiative is for jars of paste or spread (like Shippams, Princes, or Sutherlands), and for cream crackers, or Ritz, or Tuc or similar.

The Harrow Foodbank is making a real difference to families and individuals in crisis. Your contributions go directly to those in need. Thank you so much. It really is appreciated.

You can find out more about the Harrow Foodbank here. You can donate money rather than food via the website. Harrow Foodbank is a registered charity so you can Gift Aid your donations to make them even more effective.


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