St Mary’s Supports Harrow Foodbank

The Harrow Foodbank is in operation! Based at Holy Trinity, Wealdstone, it has been set up under the auspices of the Trussell Trust, in common with most foodbanks in England.

The purpose of the foodbank isn’t to alleviate long term poverty, but rather to help people who find themselves in such a financial crisis that they can’t feed themselves or their families. Trussell Trust foodbanks provide three days of emergency food to these individuals and families in crisis. Frontline care professionals, including doctors, social workers, and schools refer people who are facing hunger to the foodbank.

As well as receiving nutritionally balanced, non-perishable food parcels, those visiting the foodbank are welcomed, listened to, and advised about agencies who can help them to resolve the underlying causes of their problems.
By donating to the foodbank, you can help support local people in crisis in a simple, practical way.

Harrow Foodbank processing a contribution from St Mary's
Harrow Foodbank processing a contribution from St Mary’s

Food collections have started here at St Mary’s, with a collection point by the noticeboard inside the church. There is a “shopping list” for everything that’s needed on the noticeboard. You can find the shopping list by clicking on the Harrow Foodbank tab above. We also do occasional newsletters and flyers to inform you of the latest campaigns. Please take a copy from the tables just inside the church entrance.

Please make sure to give only long-dated food. Some things, like UHT milk and chocolate, only have around a 3 month shelf life, but otherwise please try to ensure that there’s 6 months or more to the “best before”.
Also try to avoid slimmers’ versions of foods. Sugars and fats are essential to hungry families’ diets!
This month, the foodbank is asking especially for Full Cream Long Life Milk. Bring a Pinta Milk to Church!

You can find out more at Harrow Foodbank. You can donate money rather than food via the website. Harrow Foodbank is a registered charity so you can Gift Aid your donations to make them even more effective.

St Mary’s has already established a good reputation for responding to Foodbank requests.

Thank you all for your generosity in supporting this vital local project!


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